Do You Have A HYPER Puppy That Never Gets Tired?

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Let’s face it, your puppy is FULL of energy! It’s adorable, fun, and GREAT for training. But at some point, you’re going to need them to slow down a bit. Even if it’s so you can work. In this video, Instructor Kayl is going to give you some puppy exercise tips that will actually tire out your hyper puppy!

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00:00 Puppy Exercise Tips
00:57 Tire Out Your Puppy With A Twist On An Old Game
02:33 Get MORE Out Of Your Puppy Exercise
03:51 The Big Mistake People Make WIth Puppy “Exercise”
04:58 The Puppy Fetch And How Not To RUIN It!
11:04 The Puppy Training Secret To Perfect Recalls
12:45 Tiring Out Your Puppy Is Only Part Of This

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Happy Training! ~Ken
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Do You Have A HYPER Puppy That Never Gets Tired?

10 thoughts on “Do You Have A HYPER Puppy That Never Gets Tired?

  1. i left a message a few weeks ago, my border collie mix is coming along nicely, i was really frustrated a few weeks ago, thanks for your video suggestions, now she's 19 weeks old. we've had to stay in the backyard because her first parvovirus shot was at such a young age, stuck in the backyard or inside the house, we have just 10-14 days to being able to wander out. thanks for all the training tips, big help!

  2. I have a jack russel she’s six months old and she’s so hyper I can’t tire her out gonna try this hope it works! Thanks for the tips

  3. Is it true what they say that female dogs are less loyal and energetic than male dogs?

  4. Love the in-real time training as he doesn't bring it back every time. That's real life!

  5. how long & how often for the "2-fisted Tug of War"?
    She gets very excited at times & has bit me during this as it can get a bit rough.
    If I don't tire her out, though, she's a very intelligent dog & seems to get easily bored (and then destructive).
    Piper is a 11 week old Jackapoo – JRT / Minature Poodle mix.

  6. One of my little nuggets has so many toys I don't even want to count them. However there is one toy he wants and that's the only one he car about. there are a couple others he may drag out every now and then but for the most part his little stuffed hammerhead shark is his crack. It has already had a couple surgeries and stuffing transplants. LOL

  7. Doesn't work on my husky pup he's literally inside the crate and hes still playing with his toys after an hour playtime outside his crate 😭😭

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