Dog Has Conversation With Puppy Self

Puppies Video Information:

This is a trend on Tiktok but we made a longer version …this one is Sterlings
Sterling asks his grown-up self some questions.
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Dog Has Conversation With Puppy Self

10 thoughts on “Dog Has Conversation With Puppy Self

  1. I love baby and adult Sterls
    You and Colly need a play date with @tuckerbudzyn and @toddbudzyn

  2. You are the goodest, sweetest most wonderful boy!! You got me through the pandemic with your silly adventures. Love you, Sterls!! ❀

  3. Enjoy that sweet boy till the end, and don't ever think that you are loving him too much, or doing enough for him. Love him like each moment is the last.

  4. Sterling your still my favorite but don't tell Collie. ❀❀❀❀❀

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