Dog Mom Rescues Orphaned Puppies Found In A Box | The Dodo

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Puppies Found In A Box Adopted by New Mom | When these newborn puppies were found in a box, their foster parents weren’t sure if they were going to make it — until the best miracle came along. Special thanks to @five_sets_of_pawsome for sharing this story with us: To help more dogs like Jersey Girl and these puppies, you can support their rescuers at Rugaz Rescue Inc.:
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Dog Mom Rescues Orphaned Puppies Found In A Box | The Dodo

10 thoughts on “Dog Mom Rescues Orphaned Puppies Found In A Box | The Dodo

  1. The timing seams suspicious. Could these puppies have been her own & could this account for her stupendous emotional transformation? Just an idea.

  2. Amazing and heart warming. Thank you for fostering the mom and pups. My heart goes out to you on a job well done

  3. Sorry… but this looks to me like one of those staged animal rescues and I despise that. I think it's a very horrible kind of animal abuse. This is one of those times when I hope I'm wrong…

  4. It’s not a coincidence that they found 1 day old puppies in a box then conveniently found a mother dog that just gave birth and is sad from losing her puppies. They knew those were her puppies, they probably kept her away from them just to have a animal saving story to tell.

  5. Motherhood is NOT socially constructed. It is real, an inheritance from our evolutionary ancestors.. It is a gift.

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