Dog Sledding Adventure | Mushing with a Husky Puppy

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It’s Dog Sledding Adventure day! Mushing with a Husky Puppy! Today we finally got a good base pack of snow, so we took the dogs out dog sledding. Mushing is one of our favorite things to do with our dogs in the winter time. They enjoy it so much!
Huskies were build for dog sled racing. They love to run, and love to pull!

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Dog Sledding Adventure | Mushing with a Husky Puppy

10 thoughts on “Dog Sledding Adventure | Mushing with a Husky Puppy

  1. Arooooo! Let's do what Huskies were born to do! Let's go Hike Hike Hike! Share this with your friends! Love you guys!

  2. GREAT Video and drone footage. Memphis looks so happy and Kira is growing too fast. Yes more on the intricacies of sledding. BTW, Jess please respond- where can I buy the GTSD 2020 Calendar? Sybil

  3. Like I said on facebook, Can you do a video with lasagna or Unsalted chips for dogs? Thank you.

  4. I would love to know more about dog sledding, like:
    How do you know how much weight a dog can handle?
    Which dog or dogs lead?
    How do you find a good sled, harness and other equipment?
    When do you decide to put shoes/socks on them?
    Why are certain kinds of snow (packed or fluffy come to mind) make it more difficult or easier to sled?
    Is there an option similar to sledding for when there isn’t snow or good snow?
    What words or actions do you use with the dogs to indicate direction, speed, stop, to go around, etc?
    Have you ever gotten your dogs tangled and if so how do you untangle active, excited dogs?
    Do you feed before or after sledding or do you wait a while before and after sledding to prevent bloat and such?

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