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Great feedback on the prong collar and it is no longer used as a result of some great dialogue on this page. Keep the comments respectful and perhaps we can all learn something from each other.

While some supporters of the prong collar are on here, many harsh criticisms have been lodged and particularly from UK and other countries where these collars are actually illegal and punishable by fines. For anyone who wants to really know, I had a Dane prior to Finn who was a behavior problem from the beginning at 8 weeks when I got him. He was very fearful/aggressive and I should have seen that or questioned it when I met his half brother who shied away from me at the breeders house. I did not meet both parents (big mistake). The dog nipped and bit a few teenagers that came through my house in the first 2 years but I rationalized those away. I took him through very extensive obedience training. That is why I had a prong collar because he went through high level obedience training and they suggested the more forceful collar. Then he took a big bite out of a friend who was living with us’ face leaving her with 20+ stitches with one wound 1/8″ above her eye. Luckily the scars were minimal and she was very brave. She lived with us for 6 months before this incident happened and remained another 4 months. My wife witnessed it and nothing out of the ordinary triggered this. I had the dog put down within the hour. You cannot have an unpredictable 150lb dog. It was never truly needed for Magic or Finn but I had it on Finn for initial training when this video was made. With all the feedback, I realized that I did not need this collar. Then I stopped.

A multi segment video with a trip to Pet Supplies Plus, Lowes and all to get Dog food, a toy and look at the dog stall repair. – not an advertisement.

Thanks for watching my videos. I mostly make videos about my two Great Danes. I hope you enjoy them. Sometimes I make other vlogs which I hope you can tolerate.

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Here is what I shoot on:
iPhone 8S Plus
GoPro Hero 7
Canon Sx730 HS
Edit on a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)
Final Cut Pro X

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“Great Dane Song” – Smythe and Taylor, Midland, Texas
“Walk the Dog” – Coyote Hearing

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  1. I read every comment. I try to make a practice of "hearting" them to show I have read them. If I completely disagree with a comment I won't heart it. I also try to respond to many of the comments. Thanks for watching, READ THE DESCRIPTION. You guys are great and love dogs just as much as I do.

  2. Awwww he is so cute! I really really really want a great dane. Maybe one day 😍 He is Adorable and so behaved. I am in love ❤

  3. I do not understand why you had to take such a collar that the dog still pain. but otherwise I think you're doing really good with your dogs

  4. I just wanted to let you know that your prong isn’t fitted correctly and it’s VERY important i can not stress enough to get a correctly fitted prong.

  5. Great Danes make amazing service animals. I had a Great Dane as my first service dog when I was really young. His name was also Finn!

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