First Week Puppy Training – The 6 Skills To Teach First – Professional Dog Training Tips

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Getting a puppy is such an exciting time! Being prepared for that new four-legged family member is really important. The first week puppy training skills should be something that you plan for, just like you plan to have a collar, a leash, and lots of toys for your puppy. At our dog obedience training facility, we help over 500 dogs every week to become well behaved four-legged family members. We can quickly tell which pet parents have spent time with their puppies working on the skills mentioned in this video. The puppies who have done this training have a much easier time when learning more complicated skills, especially when working around common distractions. The puppy training we’ll talk about in this video will teach your puppy to love learning, and these skills will help you to understand the value of rewards for your puppy. As your puppy gets older, you’ll want to know what their FAVORITE reward is, so you can use it when they do an especially good job!

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First Week Puppy Training – The 6 Skills To Teach First – Professional Dog Training Tips

10 thoughts on “First Week Puppy Training – The 6 Skills To Teach First – Professional Dog Training Tips

  1. We LOVE puppy training exercises. And if you have a new puppy in your home, here is a playlist with some more puppy training videos, to help you to give your new puppy the very best information during their first weeks with their new family! Thanks for watching! Puppy Training Essentials playlist:
    Happy training! ~Ken

  2. My puppy got really car sick on the long drive home. Anything to reduce car sickness? We plan to bring her out with us a lot. Also are those dog seatbelts legit?

  3. I named my dog Prince Archie! He is the laziest pup you will ever come to meet. He will sleep for 2 hours straight, then play for literally 5 minutes, then eat for 5 minutes, and then I’ll take him out to pee! The time he is awake is only about 15 minutes until he goes back to bed for another two hours! This is probably normal for an 8 week old puppy that has just been introduced to a new environment. I’m still trying to track his name but it’s no use because I haven’t bought any dog treats yet. This is definitely something I need to think about. But overall, he is just a little angel until you try to take his favorite monkey toy, of course.

  4. This video seems really helpful! I’m about to get a female Golden Retriever puppy in a few days and I’m trying to watch as many training videos as I can!

  5. When u taught “out” are u using that as “drop it”?
    I use “let’s go out” for potty…when I say let’s go out…we go to the door.
    Is “drop it” okay as two words?
    (He’s a German Shepherd….I REALLY need that command lol)

  6. Help ! We recently got a new dog that is less than one year old. His former owner did not teach him any basic commands,- no sit, no stay- no heel. Trying to potty train – we live in apartment and his former owner kept him in a fenced yard with food and water. He doesn't seem to have any social skills . Where do we start ?

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