Five Tips for Dealing with Puppy Training Setbacks! Part 2

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This is a quick addendum to my Five Tips for Dealing with Puppy Training Setbacks video. Here, I flesh out my process for defining setbacks then we head over to the pond to do some socialization and establish a training baseline.

I hope you guys enjoy!

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Five Tips for Dealing with Puppy Training Setbacks! Part 2

10 thoughts on “Five Tips for Dealing with Puppy Training Setbacks! Part 2

  1. Thanks Stonnie I have a 10 week old English white lab thanks for all the Videos they been very educational for me and her. Again Thank you

  2. Love your videos! I have a 10 week old american black lab and also I have adopted my adult daughter's 1 year old black lab mix. I am following all your training tips. Each dog is good separately but together they play fight constantly so I have to separate them at times throughout the day. Is there anything I can do so that they can can used to each other quicker? I am thinking the answer is more exercise!

  3. I really like this, with Lucy swimming you’re showing that a little bit of pressure is not a bad thing! And can really open a dog up. Reasonable, fair and fun. Good job lil red pup!!!

  4. We have a 10 month old English yellow lab named Sky that looks just like the one in your video here. I have been watching your videos since she was 3 months old & have been attempting to train her with your methods. Our issue is that I have never seen a dog as energetic & truly wild as our pup is! She will literally not slow down. We can work her for an hour, fetching & exercising, giving her plenty of time to run around our acre of property & she is still wild. She wants to nip at our hands & will not stay in a sitting position when in heel. She wants to immediately drop down & lay on her back, then jump up & run like crazy. It's getting quite tough as she is getting big & tends to hurt us with her crazy behavior. Not sure what to do about her endless energy. Any suggestions?

  5. Stonnie, you are special. I have two labs. One black, Jaeger…one chocolate, Murphy. Can we come to your ranch. We live in Western NY. Been watching your videos

  6. Hey Stonnie! In a future video could you address injuries? My setter cut her paw just before grouse season started here in Michigan. She kept bothering with it so I put a cone on her. It’s tough having a high energy dog stuck inside in a cone to heal. Thanks!

  7. As always an AWESOME video with lots of tips!  I have one question how can I get my dog to not be afraid of the sweeper? I trained him not to be afraid of gun fire, fireworks, loud noise's, but if someone comes at me with a sweeper, I'm in trouble, lol  HELP!

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