French Bulldog Puppy Tricks 12 wks old Brody Brixton

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What can a puppy learn in 4 days? 馃檪 This Frenchie pup will melt your heart.

Misa Minnies new little bro Brody Brixton will show you what a few days of training with positive reinforcement can teach a pup. 馃槈 Brody just turned 12 wks old (on 12/29/14) and is following in his Yorkie sister Misa Minnie’s paw prints. So far he’s learned sit, stay, down, come, shake paw, turn around, crawl, ring a bell, and is learning to weave. We are hoping he will be a therapy dog one day like his Sis Misa Minnie. He is home trained in Sunny California and loves his toys and napping in sunny spots.

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French Bulldog Puppy Tricks 12 wks old Brody Brixton

10 thoughts on “French Bulldog Puppy Tricks 12 wks old Brody Brixton

  1. So cute our doesn鈥檛 do it unless you have treats. Our doesn鈥檛 know how to ring or crawl. He only no how to shake turn around and down and wait and when you open your hand and leave the treat there he will look straight at all without taking it. And when you tell him to sit and put the treat right in front of him he will move back and move away from it. Our only do it when you have treats and if you don鈥檛 he鈥檚 not going to listen. Our is color blue or lay lack. We just got a 8 weeks chocolate female for him too.

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