German Shepherd Mom Watches Her Puppies on Computer

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This is Mia watching her 10 day old puppies on my laptop. I shot the video on the screen moments before. Her actual puppies are in the other room. I only did this twice because I thought it was very interesting.

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German Shepherd Mom Watches Her Puppies on Computer

10 thoughts on “German Shepherd Mom Watches Her Puppies on Computer

  1. Note that she's not really watching — she's *listening*, and trying to smell.

  2. While the mom was reacting to ur computer, mine was freaking out, trying to find out where the sounds were coming from. 🙂

  3. I'm not a one of those animal rights activists and what not, but one time I was watching a puppy video and my shih tzu was looking for the puppies like crazy for about a week or so (she's never had a litter, and she's cut) but this can depress your dog greatly… and I'm assuming you've sold the pups already… =(

  4. Oh I take back the sold part, but I don't doubt you take very good care of your dog!! <3

  5. I don't think this is cruel whether the puppies were in the other room or not. I've seen GSD's do some pretty incredible things and this is good scientific research. She looks directly at it. I'm wondering now if all puppies sound the same AND if she could detect her litter from another based solely on sound and not smell.

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