German Shepherd Puppy Testing

Puppies Video Information:

Puppy testing by Georgia K9 National Training Center in Canton, GA

I volunteer for German Shepherd Rescue and we rescued these 8 puppies from a backyard breeder and they have all been adopted out to great loving homes. This is just a temperament test so we know how to match the right dog with the right family. If a puppy didn’t like kids we would not want to place them in a home with children, or if a puppy was super high drive they wouldn’t do well as just a family dog but needs to placed in an active home.

I filmed this for my own personal viewing to get some tips on evaluating dogs when they are picked up from the shelter. No, it is not me making all the noises and laughing, it was a person next to me. I did not expect it to be so popular/unpopular and get so many views. I was not asked to film it. I do not claim to be a professional trainer, etc, I am just a dog lover, volunteer who is trying to educate myself. What I do know is that GAK9 has volunteered their time and expertise and has helped us with many, many dogs with behavior issues and general training. These dogs were not harmed in any way shape or form. I will answer any questions that I can.

German Shepherd Puppy Testing

10 thoughts on “German Shepherd Puppy Testing

  1. Heel interessante video , konen alle fokkers en kopers die testen maar doen! !!

  2. I'm from Frankfurt Germany and I'm a breeder of the old eastern working line German shepherds..this is so stupid this is what Americans are doing with American bred crap German shepherds. You guys really know how to take something and turn it into shit.

  3. IS THIS SOME SORT OFWIND UP. 4 ADULTS + a childish camera man to test??? a puppy?

  4. Utterly interesting and informative. Very profesional staff… all of them.  But that snotty-nose giggling prat behind the camera should be slaughtered and sent to hell. She ruined the video!

  5. Lol those people In the background that won’t shut up are the type to have erratic poorly behaved dogs because they’re clueless… So damn annoying 💀

  6. All this money spent on dog testing trying to think like a dog. But teacher's can't get a raise in pay to teach our kids.

  7. This guy is fantastic! Best, thorough evaluation I've seen in 20 years. Great job!!

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