Getting A Husky Puppy? WATCH THIS FIRST!

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Husky puppy training. Bringing home a siberian Husky Puppy.


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Getting A Husky Puppy? WATCH THIS FIRST!

10 thoughts on “Getting A Husky Puppy? WATCH THIS FIRST!

  1. I have a husky, and for those of you that live in an apartment and want to own one, let me shed some light. I live in an apartment, and I don't like to leave that often. Though when I do I take the dog. Here's my experience with a husky that's been raised in a 1 bedroom apartment.

    1. Endurance level
    -if I get him excited, which doesn't take much, he will run around the apartment in circles for 30 minutes.
    -I try to take him to a Gated soccer field for an hour or so on my 2 days off of the week to burn energy. If the weather is good.
    -if he hasn't burned enough energy every time I try to pet him, it activates his excitement and he's running around the house again.

    2. Attitude
    -Doesn't like to sit still and cuddle for too long.
    -very explorative around the same small apartment he's been in for 8 months.
    -everything is a toy
    -eats everything. Has eaten a small woman's sock before, threw it back up.
    -very clingy, always wants me in view.
    – in a crate when we aren't home and at night. Cries whenever we leave the house for 30 minutes. Then attempts to escape. I tried to give him the bathroom instead of a cage and he ripped up bathroom tiles and the bottom of the door.
    -get a sturdy crate like a Kong crate.

    3. "Not an indoor dog."
    -He's very loud when someone comes over.
    -terrible guard dog because he loves everyone
    -if i give him a toy he will be fine he doesn't need to be outside 100% of the time
    -most of the time while I play a video game he will sit and watch or go in a small space and nap. Like my closet, under my entertainment center, or in his crate.
    -If the dog has lived the indoor life for all its life it will get accustomed to it. Just because you don't have a backyard does not mean u can't have a husky. Though it is definitely better/easier for the dog to have a backyard.

    4. Loud Dog
    -Like I said he is very loud.
    -I know it bothers the neighbors but we all have dogs and meet up on the weekends sometimes. They know his breed and they know what he entails. If you have asshole neighbors that don't like when you walk too hard I wouldn't advise getting the husky.
    -whenever we leave he screams like he is dying. He really hates being away from us. I thought it was the cage so I left him out in the living room once and left. He did the same thing. He is young and being crate trained so I wouldn't recommend leaving ur husky out like that to roam free at a young age.

    5 Not a beginner dog
    I've never owned a dog before of my own. Yes my parents had dogs before that I lived with but I was young and the parents pulled most of the work. Dogs cost a lot of money between food, toys, vet visits, emergencies. And they also cost a lot of your time. I would say this is not a beginner dog, but if you have experience and have researched how much work it all takes and have the money and time for the challenge. I'd say go for it. But you have to be mature enough. Treat it like your kid, not an animal. And don't quit on it. If you have tendencies to give up half way and quit things because they are difficult, do not get a husky. Do not get a pet in general.

    All in all I've had a very good time with my husky. There have been difficult and very frustrating times but its all in the package. I may have gotten lucky, because some things he does are rare. Such as liking small spaces, and being very clingy. A husky is already a challenging dog and if you are raising It in a small apartment it is going to be even harder. But there are ways around everything.

    I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel about raising a husky in an apartment to help other people that want to as well. Let me know if you think it's a decent idea.

  2. I got a chow mixed with a huskey and shes such a smart dog. Ive had her for a week and pretty much potty trained her. Shes very loyal from the chow but very active from the huskey.

  3. My dad's friend is going to give us a Siberian pup at december and I'm really nervous yet excited since I've never had a dog. Yes, i know it's not a beginner's dog but I trained myself on chores and I REALLY WANT A DOG NOWW

  4. I must have a smart one….8weeks old, doesnโ€™t cry in the Kennel, pottys outside, she walks across a big deck and down in the yard and does all her business,,,,,now I have to just put out every 20 mins or so for now….I have 2 little elderly mean Shitzus,,,,, any advise on them with little dogs n a cat!!!!

  5. I just adopted my first husky that is 5 months old and doesn't respond to her name that i gave her and keeps on scratching the floor besides the bathroom and sniffs it. Any suggestions on getting her used to her name?

  6. I adopted my husko from my local humane society!! Can you believe that? 40 bucks later I have my dream doggy!! Yey!! =)

  7. I was thinking on adopting a Siberian husky so I wanted to see how to properly train one and I came across your channel it was very helpful thank you I'm a highschooler that's homeschooling I love hiking and I think a husky is a good pet for me I have plenty of time to take care of one and if I need help or go on a trip my mom and dad and little sisters can watch over my puppy and again thank you for having a channel I think I be lost with out it

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