Golden Retriever provokes his friend’s puppies to play!

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Golden Retriever provokes his friends – Bernese Mountain Dog puppy and German Shepherd puppy to play with him! We hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to hit that subscribe button for new videos.

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10 thoughts on “Golden Retriever provokes his friend’s puppies to play!

  1. Three of them are really very nice to watch u are very lucky to have three different children God bless you

  2. Poor Rocky looks like he's about @ his wits end! "C'mon Mom! DO SOMETHING! Make these guys knock off the horseplay, will ya'?!"

  3. All of your animals are so blessed to live in such a loving home they are treated like family they're all Beautiful adorable precious and sweet as 🍯 honey.I loves your beautiful Channel.Thanks for showing.

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