Grooming Guide – Grooming Havanese Puppy #56

Puppies Video Information:

brush Chris Christensen -
comb –
dryer Andis –
blade 7FC –
blade 30 –
Oster A6 clipper -
Thinning Shears Rose Line –
Scissors Rose Line –
Steel Combs Wahl –
PSH shampoo –
PSH shampoo silk –
PSH mask collagen large –
PSH collagen mask small –
PSH spray detangling –

I use snap on comb blue with the blade nr 30
Purple scissors – Easy Cut Amethyst

INSTAGRAM – petgrooomingyt

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Grooming Guide – Grooming Havanese Puppy #56

10 thoughts on “Grooming Guide – Grooming Havanese Puppy #56

  1. I appreciate your grooming videos so much. Unlike many other groomers on YouTube you are so gentle and treat the dogs good while still getting the job done. I truly believe in your methods rather than being firm and not respecting the dogs feelings.

  2. Best groomer for Havanese, in my book. ❤️ I’m seeing a lot of talentless aggressive groomers in the last few years. One told me the only way to groom a havanese dog was to use buzzers. I told her I used the scissor method on my dog, she looked at me like I was annoying. All the dogs she had groomed looked like they’ve been drafted into the ugly dog of fame. Then charged people $75-100 for their dog to look like dirty balding dogs. It’s gross!

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