Help, My Puppy BITES!

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One of the most common questions we get from new puppy owners is what to do with puppies that bite. While this topic is covered in our DVD titled Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months, in this video clip we will listen to Michael Ellis explain to students at his school in California how to deal with puppies that bite their owners. This video was filmed in Michael’s Puppy Development class, which he holds several times a year.


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Help, My Puppy BITES!

10 thoughts on “Help, My Puppy BITES!

  1. Another dog trainer on YT says to scream or yell loudly like it hurt. Thus guy says don't react. WTF

  2. the teeth are sharp and my hands are are scared up it's frustrated me he acts crazy to me out off control I've had 13 dogs in my life since I was a kid and never had a dog like this and strong at a young age 11wks telling him to stop or ouch makes him madder. I have to walk away from him.

  3. I wouldn't train there,alot of trainers assume this position
    Buy his sht or go somewhere else to train your dog.
    Leerburg used to be a great business to spend money with some 20yrs ago

  4. I have a 12 week old Fila, 52 pounds…. It's impossible to ignore his biting me!!

  5. How can I ignore dangerous behavior that draws blood? My puppy is only 9 weeks old and is usually sweet but sometimes gets hyped up and starts attacking people. She follows me and bites my feet and aggressively continues. It’s scary I want my puppy to become a safe well adjusted dog but her behavior makes me afraid I won’t be able to keep her 😨😰

  6. You mentioned a 2yr old GSD, which is what I have. She growls & snaps at me whenever I put her leash on, or tell her to drop something before she eats it(usu. a stick)…how do I get her to stop, I'm concerned she may bite next.

  7. at what age do you start teaching no bite or bite inhibition and what are the beginning techniques? I have a 9 week puppy and the client wants to stop the playful biting. I HAVE ONLY WORKED WITH DOGS 4 MONTHS and older

  8. I want to learn about training my dog not see a guy talk all the time with boring backgrounds…

  9. Micheal Ellis trains competition dogs for protection work. He is speaking about puppies from 8weeks to 4months.

    Pups older than this are teething or have full adult teeth. He is an excellent resource but not to be used for a pet dog.

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