Hope Rescues Puppies Under Garage

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This is #HopeForPaws #StrayPaws #DogRescue Marathon Features Top Videos with more great puppy and dog rescues like the rescues of these puppies all starved for attention!

This is a fund raiser for animal rescues currently needing the most help doing the hardest work. Please use the donate button to the right – underneath the video.

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Hope Rescues Puppies Under Garage

10 thoughts on “Hope Rescues Puppies Under Garage

  1. Help the World Animal Awareness Society save thousands of at risk dogs around the world every year. Use the button to the right under the video or you can donate when you follow this link here to save more lives https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KHP45KZP99TQL

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    Cheers from Team WA2S

  2. How can I volunteer to help with these strays here in Houston Texas? I would love to foster but I already own 4 dogs myself and feed all the stray cats and dogs in my neighborhood, even though Houston Animal Control threatened to give me a fine if I continued to feed the homeless animals, but Idc I'm not going to allow them to starve to death!

  3. Is that VCA Animal hospital off 45 here in Houston where you tool the septic dog in the abandoned house? If so, that is the worst vet clinic in Houston the vet doesn't care about his patients he's obviously in the vet business just for the "$", I took my Pitbull puppy that had parvo (which I had to take to another vet to find that out) this vet just told me she had eaten something bad that caused her to have diarrhea and vomiting and sent me home basically with something like Pepto Bismol for dogs and some Pedialyte and charged me $395 and I still had to pay for the rx's and when she just got worse and worse and got to where she couldn't even walk I had to take her to another vet and immediately after taking her to this new vet he was able to tell me she had Parvo within 10-15 mins, (which was a surprise to me because I had given her shots a month prior to her becoming ill that I purchased from my local feed store, that was a Canine Spectra, 5 in one vaccine. I thought she would be immune against Parvo, but the Vet told me that sometimes the vaccines sold at the feed store aren't stored at the correct temperature and for that reason the vaccines go bad leaving your puppy susceptible to these diseases you think you are protecting them from. So I learned my lesson it's best to pay the $50-65 more to have your dogs vaccinated by a Vet. Anyways this new vet that is called Riverflow vet clinic here in Houston are absolutely Angels they gave me all the necessary anti nausea medication and a antacid to help protect her stomach, as well as a probiotic and vitamin to help boost her immune system as well as a broad spectrum antibiotic and a few doses of tamiflu to help with her symptoms of parvo to cure my puppy of parvo including teaching me how to give her sub-Q injections under her skin of Iv fluids so she would stay hydrated and sent me home with instructions on how administer all the medications and what to feed my puppy (start off with chicken flavored baby food and once she got better and was able to hold down her food I started her on plain chicken and rice with broth) all this for about the same price I was charged at VCA. I am happy to say my baby girl kicked Parvo's butt in about 10 days and recovered completely! I actually was infuriated at the vet at VCA and called them to tell them what I was told at the new vets office and to ask why they didn't test her for parvo when I took her there and the nurse just hung up on me!

  4. Oh wow, how beautiful the little puppies are … Plus, congratulations you have found a pet loving family. Indeed, the ideal with puppies is to take care of them so that they reach three months, or the time they become independent to eat alone without breast milk. Once again, congratulations.

  5. Txs to you…
    You'r so Kind…
    Gbu πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  6. God bless you all for being so kind to these gentle dogs may they find peace and happiness in a loving home

  7. Poor baby she looks all tore up. I could bet she's in pain and she's so good

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