Hopeless puppy proves amazing things can happen

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Rizu lay unconscious with blood oozing from his nose after being hit in the face by a passing vehicle. Our rescue team mustered up a shred of hope that he would live, but although he didn’t have any fractures, the odds looked very unlikely. We treated the tiny sweetheart with IV drips to stabilize his blood pressure and help replace lost blood, but because he was so disoriented we feared he might have permanent brain damage. By the next morning, Rizu was absolutely transformed. We’ve hardly seen anything like this–see if you agree. You can save a little life today. Please donate. www.animalaidunlimited.org/donate.html

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Hopeless puppy proves amazing things can happen

10 thoughts on “Hopeless puppy proves amazing things can happen

  1. Vaiya aap logoki madat chahiye pls meri biswas kijiye ek chote puppie ki bohod bukher hai pls help me…pls thora madat kijiye..
    Pls ph no dijiye na

  2. such cute little puppydog he is very brave and strong 💕 oh and he went back to his mum too thats so nice

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