How I’m Teaching My Puppy To Stop Biting and Start Listening!

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I’ll keep training to resolve puppy biting, focus on training her to “work” for toys. We had an excellent “fetch” training session as well as a productive vet visit too!

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How I’m Teaching My Puppy To Stop Biting and Start Listening!

10 thoughts on “How I’m Teaching My Puppy To Stop Biting and Start Listening!

  1. Hope you're enjoying! Don't forget to watch our videos on instagram between episodes! Are you already following us over there?

  2. I usually like everything he says but oh my gosh he’s always letting her bite him and chew on him without doing anything! When they are with their litter-mates and they bite too hard the other puppy will yelp out and stop playing. That is what you need to do with the puppy. Letting them chew on you and keeping your arm in her mouth is just wrong!!

  3. LMAO…. "She's still biting me and I've had her for 3 1/2 weeks. I'm a dog trainer and she's still biting me" … imagine that. I wonder why that is the case**


  4. I'm using this method to train my dog to stop biting. However, I'm a little concerned about not training to inhibition, strength of playful bites. Etc. Can you share your insight in this. It seems very important and missed in the video. Thank you!

  5. You are using all her senses and instincts against her, and not reading her communication at all. You are frustrating your puppy, while insisting on word salad arm waving salad hand gesture salad. The games are unwinnable. You're turning positive training into Zak salad. So erratic. That poor puppy.

  6. Zak, you're doing such a great job with Inertia! I just wanted to share some important information regarding vaccinations. Many of the vaccines Inertia received are not recommended by the top leading veterinary vaccine researchers like Dr. Ronald Schultz and Dr. Jean Dodds, who consider only Distemper, Parvo, and Rabies to be "core" and therefore necessary, and recommend titering every three years after the initial puppy shots, rather than re-vaccination ( This is because over-vaccination can cause very serious problems like behavioral issues (like hyperactivity, phobias, and aggression) and health issues (autoimmune disease, arthritis, tumors, etc). I have experienced with my own dogs, and spoken with many other owners whose dogs have experienced, serious behavioral changes and health issues after unnecessary vaccinations. I know you love Inertia and are trying to keep her safe and healthy, which is why I had to share this info (you can find tons of good info on this by searching Dr Dodds and Dr Schultz online) and I hope you will consider looking into it. Coming from a place of love ❤ Keep up the great work! 🐕

  7. Hi Zak can I make a suggestion for this series? Is it possible to put the different tricks you teach in the episodes in the description boxes? So it’s easier for us to find in the future? For example I’m trying to find the video where you teach inertia to get on your back but none of the video titles say where it is so I was wondering if you can list them in the descriptions

  8. My pug goes frenzy biting mode when hes hungry,or when feeding time is near! After hes full,he goes kissing mode lol

  9. I got my Labrador puppy 16 days ago…
    now he is 46 days old… bites like it’s his full time job… but I trained him to jump and sit within a day… loves playing tug and it really helps them calm down a lot..

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