How much/often to feed your newborn puppies?? | Matt’s Kennels

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0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Lets talk about puppy whelping =)
0:49 – The 1cc per oz method DOESN’T work all the time!!
3:04 – Does pup have suckle strength?
4:13 – Tube feeding supplies I recommend
7:19 – How much to feed puppies?
9:31 – If you don’t have tube feeding. What should I do? (optional)
10:37 – How often do you feed puppies w/ tube feeding or mama whelping

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How much/often to feed your newborn puppies?? | Matt’s Kennels

4 thoughts on “How much/often to feed your newborn puppies?? | Matt’s Kennels

  1. How do you know you did it wrong or right I know is about practice but just don’t want to kill a pup how many have you killed 😅 you will recommend how long to feed from mom and every how many hours mine female wants to eat the pups so we kind of distract her and pamper her and then put pups but if they cry and they woke her up men that’s a race to pick up all the pups fast thankfully iam so fast and pick up all 5 at once 😅

  2. May I ask about stimulating them?since she will eat them we have to do it and just don’t want to give them a rash sometimes we do it for long and they just don’t poop or pee or just do one pee or poop

  3. Sorry bro I was typing my comments at the beginning of video 🤦‍♀️😅 you are the first one that said every one hour no wonder your dogs are buff 💪 I do mines every 2 hours because that’s what everyone said since 1 year ago that I got this breeding idea but first litter now and my dogs just are so very fat I can’t imagine every 1 hour 😂 what about constipation will this be common if feed then every hour? Is it ok if they don’t pee or poo at a feeding but do it on the next?and of course when they do is a big dump thanks for sharing I love your videos and sharing your knowledge and know we all learn and you sharing your tips talks good about you there is bussiness for everyone

  4. Yes sir you listen very well. Thats how you do it, but again everyone dose it their own way and it works as well… great video

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