10 thoughts on “How much should you really be feeding your puppy

  1. Nobody listen to this guy. I feel real bad for his dogs and anyone that's already taken this advice from this douche.

  2. Free feeding no so good for working dog cause if they just eat and you give them a task they just might throw up feeding them timely helps with them looking for you than you looking for them in a big yard.

  3. lol , i have these haters and their comments .. they're all professionals here !! and you turn around and look at their dogs , they be looking like crap … Carolina Bully got some really nice bullies .. and i agree with free feeding your puppies and adults .. bullies are suppose to be nice and chubby .. These guys took good care of their dogs then a lot of you out there .. they got a big ranch , all the bullies are happy running around .. while most of you haters keep your bullies in a small ass 1 bedroom apartment and just feeling salty !! hahaha

  4. I free fed but my puppy is indoor kept hes good at not pooping in the house but peeing is a diffrent story.

  5. The guy is just breeding these dogs. Free feeding is the worst way remember y’all don’t know the conditions his dogs might be inside yours might be out outside or vice Versa . Second bullies are the worst. what are they bred for besides looks there’s no physical activity these dogs can perform better than an original bulldog for you Ol school pit lovers. Most ideal bone structure we like it not what’s best leave the pit bull bred alone your doing it for money fucking up these dogs an Bred what they don’t tell you how many bullies are born deformed an This litter might be amazing but how many suffered to be bred as many times as possible to produce a bully pup 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Yeah FYI none of what this guy is saying is true this guy literally is feeding four week puppy’s solid hard dry food that barely have teeth that right there is a sign this guy has no idea what the hell he is talking about I mean look at his shirt lmao 😂 that also says a lot

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