How to Easily Teach Your Puppy To STOP Biting You.

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In today’s video, we are going to be going over the most common methods used to easily teach our young puppies to stop biting.

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How to Easily Teach Your Puppy To STOP Biting You.

10 thoughts on “How to Easily Teach Your Puppy To STOP Biting You.

  1. Hey first of all you have amazing videos that help me out alot as i am getting my first puppy in a few days. I wanted to ask that in some videos when you reward the dog and they drop the treat, you don't let them take that treat off the ground by stepping on it. Why is that? and under what conditions should one practice that?

  2. Thank you! I like your style. Do you have a video on a pup jumping on you? Not only jumping but digging at your leg with sharp nails. BTW he’s a pug. Ugh

  3. Hey this really gives me confidence as I was worried that this is unusual behavior. Currently training a 15 week old Malinois pup, we picked her up 4 days ago (delayed due to corona lock-down). I quickly had to realize that negative stimuli such as grabbing her collar do not work with Malinois as they tend to get even more defensive. Now that I know that puppy biting is natural and goes away I'll focus future training on other capabilities and behaviors, since little girl will become a military dog. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience brother, keep it up.

  4. You made some good points. I’ve got my first Doberman and I’m pretty strict on biting and obedience trying because I fear for him when he’s older and people discriminate him. It’s thought that if a chihuahua bites a kid it’s accepted, but if a “aggressive dog” does it he needs to be put down. I’m strict on him about biting because I want to take him in public and dread the day he may nip someone that isn’t understanding. Like you said it’s in his nature and gives you a chance to bond and build confidence which is more important than my fear of what could happen. Thanks!

  5. Hi Nate, after watching this video of yours I wrote the following to share on other platforms who will not welcome the sharing of YouTube videos.
    Thanks for the inspiration❣️

    I just learned about a Gentle technique that makes biting me (using me as a teething toy) less desirable.
    First I recommend doing it to yourself so you realize how gentle it truly is.
    The goal is to do it to your dog and hold calm and study until your dog wants to pull away from you… which only takes seconds!
    Practice on yourself first:
    Put your thumb between your chin and your esophagus, next put one finger inside your mouth under your tongue and reach for your own thumb. No need to apply any pressure, simply reaching the thumb and finger towards one another is the goal.
    Now, the next time your puppy wants to use you for a teething toy, particularly your hands, put your puppy in this hold just practiced on yourself. The thing that will most likely be different doing it to your puppy is that your finger will be between their chin and esophagus and your thumb will be in your puppies mouth. Remember to only hold until your puppy wants to back away from you and then let go and let your puppy back away. It’s amazing how few repetitions it takes for your puppy to no longer find you to be a desirable teething toy.

  6. You made me understand my puppy..I am trying to fix him which was wrong.
    It is good to know for both of us..
    Thank you

  7. Hi Nate, my puppy looks exactly like yours, I am trying to train him how to follow simple commands but he gets distracted very easily. Please give me some tips.

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