How to Leash Train your Puppy!

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How to Leash Train your Puppy!

10 thoughts on “How to Leash Train your Puppy!

  1. I watch these because my sister just received a pitbull & lab mixed but she never has time to train him because she work 9 hours a day and she live alone, so I have to come over some days and play with him. He's only 8 weeks. I told her she seriously need to get him trained well. And she needs someone permanently to play with him while she's at work. Dogs need much attention but she doesn't understand that.

  2. So helpful for my puppy she’s 9 weeks old was basically taken from mom and handed right to us house breaking has been challenge as well

  3. This is not a good representation of leash training a puppy. You need to show a puppy that is not a Lab, Golden or other mild temperament breed. Use a terrier or a shephard next time for a true representation of a hyper puppy. This video was honestly useless and just entertainment.

  4. Zak, I hope you read all your comments. I absolutely love your videos and the best part about them, is you teach with no discipline. Training your dog shouldn't include discipline. If the dog isn't catching on, then perhaps its the trainers bad training

  5. I'm here adding to my training knowledge tree because in 3 wks I'm going to bring home the love of my life. An infant German rott puppy. I've been waiting for him since he was a sparkle in his daddy's eye! I put a deposit down when his momma was cooking him up almost 4 months ago, It's finally almost time!!! He'll be my first rott puppy! I always adopted adult problem child rotts, this time I get to lay down original training instead of undoing someone else's, or lack thereof. I'm SOOOO excited!!!

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