How to Litter Potty Train a Puppy Dog

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How to easily litter potty train a puppy dog indoors ideal for apartment dogs, city puppies using training pads and cedar litter bedding. How to house train your puppy dog. Best to start as a puppy, be patient and consistent. I used Simple Solutions training pads and holder and sprinkled cedar litter on top of the training pads.

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How to Litter Potty Train a Puppy Dog

10 thoughts on “How to Litter Potty Train a Puppy Dog

  1. Go on hit or kick the Cock in his neutered cock-stem. Then whip/beat the Dick. Teach the Cock how to behave properly. Club the bastard,

  2. What do you think about using fallen leaves instead of wood shavings? I'm not sure if I can find those in our local stores, and my pup seems to like to go in the leaves.

  3. can anyone pls tell me what kind of breed of dog in the vedio i have same and i dont know what kind of breed to learn about him

  4. How can I litter train a 2 month old philippine puppy? It is called aspin or askal. It is hard no train them because they are not that smart like the other kind of dogs.

  5. Thanks for your help. I saw that your dog is chewing up your stuff? What I did is to get the brown chew dental bone, drilled a hole in it, then use small 14 gage electrical wire that's flexible, an just long enough so he can grab it with his paws, then tie it to his leash caller ring. Every time he start to chew something you can have it there to tell him NO an put it in his mouth. He will want to chew it to get ride of it, then he will learn to like it. JESUS BLESS YOUR DAY. 👍☺

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