How to Pick Out a Puppy

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Welcome Global German Shepherd Family to our digital kennel, German Shepherd

We have with us my beautiful wife Puppy Girl. Puppy Girl has a puppy and his name is Zephyr. Today we’re going to talk about what I do when I pick out a German Shepherd Puppy. A lot of people, oh gosh a lot of people, say “How Do I Pick Out a Puppy” so I’m going to tell you things that I look for when I pick out a puppy from a litter here

Okay this is Zephyr and he’s going to be living in Oregon he is beautiful and I want you to notice a couple of things about Zephyr. Notice the width between his ears……

In this video I will give you tips on how to Pick Out a German Shepherd Puppy.

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How to Pick Out a Puppy

10 thoughts on “How to Pick Out a Puppy

  1. My breeder told me not to play with my sweet puppy’s ears otherwise they wouldn’t stand. Is that true?

  2. I got interested in German Shepherds from Keeping it Dutch. He says they are the best dogs with kids and great guard dogs. Their dog Gabby saved his wife from men who followed her home.

  3. You look for physical appearance like in a butcher shop. I look for connection and the character.

  4. Hey GSM! I just bought my very first GSD. His name is Grizzly. We live in Tallahasse, FL! My wife and I chose the smallest of the litter because he was so cute, and in my opinion, was the better looking one out of the two that were left. His dad and mom are both big-pawed and big dogs. Should I be worried that I chose the runt? What should I do to develop him? He’s 9 weeks right now! Thanks

  5. I just got a a bicolor gsd , saw this video before picking him out , very helpful thanks a lot for the information , I now am sure that I picked out a solid strong confident pup. Keep up the good work blessings

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