How To Prevent Your Puppy From Biting – Professional Dog Training Tips

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In this video, Instructor Steve will show you how to prevent your puppy from biting you. In our last puppy biting video, we showed you how to quickly teach your puppy that biting isn’t acceptable behavior. Today, we will talk about teaching your puppy to show a little more restraint when it comes to using their sharp little teeth on skin. This video will add a tool to your tool belt so you can teach your puppy to have a little more self-control, while having fun and burning off some puppy energy! It’s a great step in teaching your puppy that you are someone worth listening to. It’s also something that’s absolutely necessary for your puppy to understand. With all of our training, the 3 things you need to ensure is that you’re clear, consistent and fair. With a little work and some good information, your puppy can learn that biting people is never okay.

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How To Prevent Your Puppy From Biting – Professional Dog Training Tips

10 thoughts on “How To Prevent Your Puppy From Biting – Professional Dog Training Tips

  1. I hope this video helps you to be successful when you're preventing your puppy from biting. If you're looking for more ways to be a great leader for your puppy, so they learn to come when they're called, walk on a loose leash and get to enjoy even more time with you, then watch this Leadership Dog Training Tips video:
    Thanks for watching, Happy Training! ~Ken

  2. My Husky is six months old and he still biting I try giving him a chew toy and he still tries biting me and my husband.

  3. Great information! I love the training vids, but you guys make it seem so easy. It never goes this smoothly for me.

  4. Superb video! It assisted me a lot!

    Elevated Video!I really love it! It assisted me a lot!

  5. Thank you so much for this video! My 11 week old golden lab loves to bite ankles/toes/pants while I’m walking. Any recommendations?

  6. My 15 week old Great Dane puppy play bites constantly. I’ll be trying this with him. I can’t pick him up and hold him one-handed but I can tuck him to me. 😂

  7. Hi, love the videos. I don't like saying Yes to mark good things I just say good boy is that okay? Also, what do I do when I hold his collar and he just flops and rolls on the ground trying to nip still?

  8. Excellent Video. My 3 month old Shih Tzu bites the Tail of my 9 year old dog. What can i do? He is not happy about it .

  9. Just wanted to thank you guys! Been working on this very thing with my 8 week old Doberman puppy and he's learning so quickly that nipping is not tolerated. The "settle" command is really helping.

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