How to Recall Your Puppy

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This video was taken directly from Michael Ellis’ puppy development class at his school for dog trainers in Northern California. In the video, Michael is working on restrained recalls with a young Malinois puppy. A small mishap with the recall command sparked a conversation about the use of the dog’s name for the recall as well as how to train separate recall commands, both verbal and with a whistle.


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How to Recall Your Puppy

8 thoughts on “How to Recall Your Puppy

  1. I couldn't tell what the mishap was here. I watched the video with the volume off. The puppy got reinforced at a high rate for a behaviour that is highly desired, so I'd say nothing went wrong. Maybe the human said "the wrong thing" but I'd say that puppy has no idea and he just got reinforced a whole bunch for doing something really awesome!

  2. What is the best thing to teach first my GSD is 6 months old and I don’t know what is the best order to teach things

  3. When I watch Michael Ellis I am amazed at just how similar my own methodology is in comparison to his. A lot of the time, the way I train an exercise is identical, which astounds me as we live on different sides of the planet. I have taken a few little pointers from some of his videos that make perfect sense to me. For me, Michael is one of very few people who ‘personally’ would regard as a true expert in the field of dog training. This sort of methodology SHOULD be the face for ‘balanced’ dog training.

    Clever dog training! 👍

  4. How do i get my 2 year old dog to come when called. She will come when called in the house but if he is outside she doesnt always listen

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