How to Stop Puppy Biting and Chewing

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There are many reasons a dog engages in biting and chewing behavior. Dog Psychology Center trainer Todd Langston explains and gives tips on how to stop it.

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How to  Stop Puppy Biting and Chewing

10 thoughts on “How to Stop Puppy Biting and Chewing

  1. the yelping/yelling ouch when bit, does not work on my 4 month old Small Munsterlander. if anything she bites harder

  2. I am sorry but I 'm badly missing the logic here. It sounds so easy but.. Is it redirection or actually praising for bad behavior? Puppy bites – I'd give him a snack – he is like "oh, that's cool!! More biting – more snacking!"
    I noticed that when my puppy behaves bad, the older dogs don't cry or redirect, or yelp, they growl or would give a short bite. So, I'm kinda wondering… with the dogs punishing the pup and me giving him snacks, whom will the puppy be more likely to bite… %)

  3. Yo tengo un perro de 10 años de edad y una perrita de 2 meses…pero mi perrita quiere jugar con mi perro chester pero el no quiere..le huye y se molesta….maya mi perrita se quuere acercar pero chester le gruñe …

  4. This is so dumb. You want to know why they end up in shelters? This doesn't work! My puppy could care less if you welp. I will tell my child to stand perfectly still why the puppy is attacking him. Good advice.

  5. Today my puppy bited me and it lead to bleeding so I slapped him now I am crying 😭

  6. when my puppy is nipping i will make my hand into biting position then touch my dogs neck and make a growling sound..then my puppy will stop and will look at me in a weird/confusing way, then my puppy will move away to find diferrent thing/s to bite.

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