How To Teach a Puppy Place and Sit and create Calm Puppies

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Teaching your puppy to sit and target to a bed or mat for a Place command is one of the MOST important things you will ever teach your dog. For more puppy videos check out my puppy playlist on my youtube channel.

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How To Teach a Puppy Place and Sit and create Calm Puppies

10 thoughts on “How To Teach a Puppy Place and Sit and create Calm Puppies

  1. I have been working on place with my 12 week puppy and she is pretty good. sometime she will put herself in place without me giving her the command and look at me for her treat. she is very food driven. my questions are 1) should I give her the break word if she puts herself there and if so isn't that a command that needs to be treated? I feel like that might be reinforcing a bad habit. 2) if she puts herself in place and then leaves place without my break word should I do anything? as she has been doing this more she has been braking place more during training as she has become accustomed to breaking it on her own when she puts herself in place.

  2. Does the “place” mat need to stay in the same place all the time or can I move it to the room where I’m doing something?

  3. This is my go too channel for training my new pomchi pup. Great trainer, and the methods are working for me and the pup.

  4. How do you do this with a hyper-excited for food puppy. If I don’t treat, she breaks and runs around, gets more hyper-excited. I can get her to go to her bed, lay down and wait until I give permission to eat food, but she remains I. A hyper- excited or goes into fret if I do give the permission word but if I’m hand feeding during the training phases she just stays in the excited mode.

  5. So glad I found your channel! I've tried several other puppy training channels over the past couple of weeks and yours is the clearest and has me the most hopeful yet. We inherited a 4 1/2 week old German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix who even at 5 weeks old was aggressive biting and would get in a zone during play and any form of no or blocking or anything would only make him more growly and excited… to the point where I was afraid we'd made a mistake. After finding your channel yesterday, I feel so encouraged to start completely over with his training and stick with him. We started yesterday and even at now 6 1/2 weeks old, he's responding SO WELL to this approach. Thank you so much!!!

  6. I tried to do this and she is so aggressively trying to get the treat that she’s almost jumping at my hand with her teeth. She is not calm like this dog. How can I correct that?

  7. Hi how do u teach. A 8 week golden doodle the “okay”break” command after u get them to come and sit which order should I teach it first lol

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