How to train a Rottweiler Puppy

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In this video, I cover a few foundation training exercises with a Rottweiler puppy. You will learn tips on how to train young puppies through positive reinforcement. When training puppies, I like to use a lot of reinforcement in early the training period. I will incorporate lots of food treats and often use their kibble in training.
I believe strongly that if you create a fun positive association with training at an early age, you will have a dog that enjoys training even without food later in life because you have created a strong foundation in which they love to learn and train.
Rottweilers are one of my favorite breeds to train, but it is crucial that you train them. Rottweilers need sufficient exercise, mental stimulation, and an owner that will be very clear what is acceptable behavior.

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How to train a Rottweiler Puppy

10 thoughts on “How to train a Rottweiler Puppy

  1. I have a Rottweiler German Shepherd mix puppy. He’s almost 12 weeks old. I can’t get him to stop biting. He’ll start off playing but then gets aggressive. Was hoping my 3 year old boxer mix would help but she’s to sweet. My friends 6 month old puppy is to afraid of him.

  2. I love ROTTWEILER we had 1 for the past 10 yrs past away 1 month ago ZENA was there befor my son we loved her like our child i miss her everyday…….so zena till we met GOD bless keep happy JAI RAM😎😍

  3. How often do you train her? 4 min each time? How long do you repeat each command how many sessions?

  4. Wow, amazing how something so simple and so (now) obvious could escape me. I'm getting a puppy in the next few months and it's been about 12 years since my childhood dog passed away, so I'm a bit rusty on how to train a dog. We may have just been lucky with our rotty mutt as a kid as she trained very easily and we just bumbled our way through it. I plan to take a more informed approach.

    Thanks for the vid, I'll check out your others.

  5. Is cutting the tail of Rottweiler important???
    Plz reply I have rott pup 10 weeks old

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