How We Feed Our American Pit Bully Puppies

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Hey guys!! We’ve had so many questions on what exactly we are feeding the puppies so I thought I would share us feeding them start to finish! I know this food is very expensive but there are a lot of steps, but we ONLY give the puppies as well as Nyi and Dro the BEST!! Hope you all enjoy! We love you guys!!

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How We Feed Our American Pit Bully Puppies

10 thoughts on “How We Feed Our American Pit Bully Puppies

  1. We know this food is expensive guys, we are fully aware of the amount of money we spend to keep our dogs healthy and happy. Nyi and Dro also eat this food. We make it a priority to give all our dogs the best food for them that we could find, and this includes all the puppies. I also know it's a lot of steps but it's worth it to us to have healthy pups!!! We are trying to give them the BEST start to life possible as we believe this is a very important time in their lives! So we will do whatever it takes to give them that!!!

  2. Hello there, i fed fresh chicken in my dog' american bully 3months old. I had notice that feeding dog food had a bad smelling breath…im ed borja from philippines.thank you so much for nice video…

  3. Orijen is THE BEST DRY KIBBLE you can feed a dog. VERY EXPENSIVE dog food! With dry freeze also ๐Ÿค‘. Gotta be asking big money for them pups

  4. I'm pretty sure she knows what her dogs like and how much they eat as well as what type of feeding schedule and food is best for them. All of these puppy experts. Just like humans they're different from your dogs and the ones you've had. Hell my dog hates meat but loves veggies! Sheesh people calm your tits she knows HER dogs…learn yours.

  5. Smh…spending all that time but it is still bag food! Lol why not just make your own dog food!

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