Husky Puppy at the Lake | Puppy First time Swimming

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Husky Puppy First Time Swimming! This was Kira the Husky Puppy’s first time swimming in the Lake. We took her to my Aunt’s cottage and she swam for the first time in Long Lake. She did pretty good for it being her first time. We gave her some chances with her dog life jacket and some time without it. We are just trying to help make sure she is confident in the water. One way to get your dogs more confident with swimming is to introduce your puppy to water at a young age. And if you dog is food motivated, be sure to bring lots of treats as well. Can Huskies Swim? Of course they can! Do Huskies like to swim? Some of them do, and some of them do not. As you can see in this video, Shelby could swim all day long if we let her. Memphis on the other hand likes to do a little swimming at a time. This entire video was filmed on the GoPro Hero 7.

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Husky Puppy at the Lake | Puppy First time Swimming

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  2. Oh my gosh, watching Shelby less than two months before she passed away having so much fun is so bittersweet. She was such a sweet girl.

  3. My name is Jamie so even though I know when you say Jamie you mean your husband but when you said Jamie look I was like yes! I am looking! Lol

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