Labradoodle Puppies – Licorice Twist – Episode 2

Puppies Video Information:

This litter update video is for the 7 Australian labradoodle puppies from the Licorice Twist litter at Van Isle Doodles.

See all the labradoodle puppies and how much they have grown since their birth announcement video.

Listen as Claire tells us more about each of these Australian labradoodle puppies.

This litter of labradoodles has some unique labradoodle colors and patterns including silver and sable. Both sable and silver are quite unique for labradoodles.

Find out how much weight each of these Australian labradoodle puppies has gained in the past week.

Enjoy hearing about Mama labradoodle, Misha and her parenting style with her puppies.

Due to an unexpected circumstance for one of our families, we do have an opening in this litter. These medium Australian labradoodle puppies are set to go to their new homes on July 30th. If you are interested in applying for one of these puppies please email

Learn more about our multigen Australian Labradoodle puppies!

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Labradoodle Puppies – Licorice Twist – Episode 2