Let’s Test My Puppies Recall – Cane Corso Puppy

Puppies Video Information:

Let’s test out my Cane Corso puppy Joey Justice’s recall.
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10 thoughts on “Let’s Test My Puppies Recall – Cane Corso Puppy

  1. Bruce and Justice are gorgeos dogs. They are so majestic, and I look forward to seeing the videos daily. I can't have the kind of dog I want because of allergies, and loving on these 2 from afar makes me smile.

  2. Positive Vibrations; I’m in the process of purchasing my first Cane Corso…. I was wondering why you use two names for your dogs?

  3. I've watched every video but it still seems like a missed something, Justice grows so fast 😩

  4. This is cool to see this pop up in my recommended. I used to have a black Cane Corso, but he Sadly passed a year ago. Now we have a formetino corso

  5. OMG I cant think of anything worse in life then a mouthful of doggie slobber………they say its the cleanest saliva, but I don't buy it…..they LITERALLY lick their own @$$ as well as others…….u go booooooooyyyyyy LOL

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