Let’s Test Puppies Recall – Cane Corso puppy

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Recall is the most important command we can master with our dogs. Recall can save your dogs life. Recall can create that strong bond with your canine companion. Recall is a must and it is our duty as our dogs leaders to always be working on their recall to assure they are always on point. Today I want to test my puppies recall with my wife and myself and share some tips on how you can be successful in your recall with your dog. #canecorso #rawfeeding #dogtraining

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Let’s Test Puppies Recall – Cane Corso puppy

10 thoughts on “Let’s Test Puppies Recall – Cane Corso puppy

  1. Awesome tips and advice as always. Mics work great could even hear a train off in the distance

  2. You guys are so cute and Justice has come such a long way and I wish my pup was that good but we’re working on it😁. I would like to know how to overcome leash reactivity. My 1 year old rottie doesn’t react to every dog but he’s not a fan of bigger ones and it’s worse if they are male.

  3. This was very helpfull!!! Teaching us by correcting Kara, I pretty much do similar mistakes with my dogs…

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