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The hardest secret I’ve tried to keep ever! Meet my new Puppy!!! 🙂
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Koda is my newest addition to my pet family, and so far over the past week has been an absolute blast and super sweet and lovely. I’ve been hiding him from everyone online for almost a week now and thought today is finally the day to tell you all about him. Koda’s a Japanese Spitz, and is the sweetest dog in the world. Expect to see so much more of him soon!!!


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Outro Music ► “Teenage Kicks” by Tommy Henriksen
Background Music ► EpidemicSounds

Thanks for Watching! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “MEET MY NEW PUPPY!!!!!!!

  1. Kai: gets a dog
    Also kai: i need content to get to 10 mins uses dog for content

    It's a joke btw, coder is so cute

  2. Aww, the pupper is soo cute, it's a terror to keep white fur clean half the time though, we have two bichon frise's and honestly, it takes ages for my parents to groom them properly.

    We also have 4 cats, a tank of tropical fish and a tank of cold water fish.
    We have a lot of pets, before the dogs, we had 9 cats and we even had 6 chickens at one point but had to give them away because they kept tearing up our back garden XD

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