More Than 100 Animals Rescued from Arkansas Puppy Mill

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Johnson County Sheriff’s Department and the HSUS Animal Rescue Team worked together to rescue approximately 100 dogs, 5 cats and 2 guinea pigs.

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More Than 100 Animals Rescued from Arkansas Puppy Mill

10 thoughts on “More Than 100 Animals Rescued from Arkansas Puppy Mill

  1. I could literally take a Baseball Bat and beat to death the people who do this!!!! These poor animals. Omg the torture and horrific life they had to endure. I cried and became incredibly, incredibly ANGRY watching this. It’s inhumane and unconscionable to do this to animals. Sick POS’s who do this sh*t literally need to be beat to death. They are soulless, irredeemable, sociopathic MONSTERS with no empathy or compassion. But thank god for people like you guys. Because of you these precious animals, and so many others, are saved and have a second chance at having a good life, with love and food and care and shelter and safety and health❤️people like you all are truly angels walking among us. Bless you and your loving hearts. People like you all make the world a much better place for all living things. I still wanna beat them with a bat though…

  2. A tiny fine for all of this… They can make back that amount of money with the sale of 2 puppies. No justice.

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