My NEW Doberman Puppy—and How I Found Him!

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Meet Arlo, my new Doberman puppy! He’s an 8-week old full-blooded European Doberman. In this video, you’ll get to meet my new Doberman Planet co-host. Arlo is a great pup, and we are beyond excited about having this new member of our family. Today I’ll talk all about Arlo, where I found him, and how I went about finding the right breeder (for me) to work with.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, I won’t be naming Arlo’s breeder for a few reasons. For one, I’m not able to endorse one specific breeder. If that changes, I will certainly let everyone know ASAP. And also, choosing a Doberman breeder is a VERY personal choice. What’s right for one family is certainly not necessarily right for every family. You need to find a breeder that’s right for you. I’ve given you a LOT of help with this process in my various videos on my channel and on my website. So go take a look!

Here’s my list of the breeder directories I used during my search:

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My NEW Doberman Puppy—and How I Found Him!

10 thoughts on “My NEW Doberman Puppy—and How I Found Him!

  1. If you could tell me how you did his ears exactly ( the posts) that would help me a lot I am struggling with posting mine, thnx!

  2. I love Arlo!!! I just got an Europen Doberman (mi first) and I would love to see videos of you just showing how you are breeding the dog into his new life at home, like litter training or socializing him, teaching how how to walk on a leash and stuff like that 🙂

    Cheers from Mexico

  3. Congratulations!!! But word of advice. Put a bridge or a tape attaching both ears straight up. Those ears, even though they are cropped, should not be dancing around like that, or your going to have another problem. Put a tape behind across both ears to have them stand straight up, so as the cartilage and muscles form, they will stand straight up.

  4. You've pushed me over the edge. Time for a new puppy. Our last dobie passed away at 11 1/2 years old a year almost two years ago. It was devastating for the family as he was such a loved member of our family. Are you able to share the name of the breeder you used?

  5. He is Big boned pup. Love his ear crop style. Please be more specific about the process at the breeders to choose This pup? How many males to choose from? Did u sit in middle of them and let Him choose You?

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