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  1. My beagle lucky died we had so many memories the Time he died was when we were at the river lucky got really sick so he jumped of the river and took his death I badly wanted to jump but I didn’t wanna die I didn’t know how to swim that time and we got him dead and bloody on the floor all lucky wanted was a good life but for now we have pictures of him and his friend and we take care of his friend now his friend is everyday depressed and sad laying there every single day

  2. HEARTBREAKING, tears rolling down my face. Rest In Peace Little One With The Knowledge You Were and Are Still VERY MUCH LOVED and TRULY MISSED by YOUR FAMILY.

  3. I will put the entire blame on the vet. Idiot should have kept the puppy on IV fluid 24×7. She could have been saved. Most likely it's some asian country where not many vets are professionally trained.

  4. Not sad i don't understand you don't gave him a 1 little hug or kiss you just lock him to a jail you don't gave him water or a little bit of love to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And YOU don't help him UP ! 6:04

  5. In my opinion there’s something about puppies that make them so precious and seem so full of emotion. And when a puppy dies it means that they won’t get to grow up to enjoy the rest of their life.

  6. This video makes me sad.

    Obviously, the dog needed to be treated but was only given shots instead. Its a problem when the available pet clinic is not enough and capable of doing so.

    She would have had a better chance at survival if the dog was brought to a bigger pet clinic where they offer services that could help and actually treat the dog. But thats just my wishful thinking and I know that there are certain limitations and situations that everyone has

    Two of my dog's puppies died too but they were never diagnosed. They all seemed healthy in our eyes and we had visited the vet a day prior. There are no pet hospitals around where I live and the only available pet clinic is small. They didnt have xrays or any kind of machineries that could've helped them examine.

    Luckily, the rest of her puppies are still alive and have all grown up.

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