Neglected Puppies Surrendered to MHS

Puppies Video Information:

If you were to come upon the scene that the MHS Cruelty Investigators were recently called to, you probably wouldn’t know what to do. To see a mother dog chained up, with her emaciated puppies running loose with no provisions and drinking from dirty puddles, could break even the hardest of hearts.

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10 thoughts on “Neglected Puppies Surrendered to MHS

  1. if you took the puppies and you seen the mother chain like that you should have took the mother too, obviously this person doesn't know how to take care of dogs at all how can you say that she can focus on one dog? Really??? she didn't need to be educated she has no right to own a dog!!!!

  2. What about the mom with a huge ugly chain? That's so cruel !!! Why do people have dogs to treat them like that?!!

  3. Ma xche’non avete preso anche la mamma?era conciata malissimo legata con una catena allucinante?

  4. "No matter how rich, talented or intelligent you are… how you treat animals tells me what I need to know about you" Ralph Smart

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