New Puppy Do’s And Dont’s

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Avoid these common mistakes that could cost your puppy’s life! Be prepared to give your new puppy the best care possible!

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New Puppy Do’s And Dont’s

10 thoughts on “New Puppy Do’s And Dont’s

  1. “Don’t let the dog interact with other dogs” so the dog can’t have friends?

  2. Is it okay to bring my puppy who hasn’t gotten all her vaccinations to my front yard? My backyard doesn’t have grass.

  3. I have a question

    Could you walk your puppy or is there a certain time you can start

  4. Why can’t you just get it at 8 weeks or bring it to the park? I’ve seen so many videos of corgis having a bunch of fun out of the house also that corgi look 😭 sad . Also every body pets corgis!

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