New Puppy? These Tips Should Help!

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Seth and his 9 Week old Goldendoodle, Bru, stopped by for a puppy training lesson. We went over potty training, puppy biting, how to pay attention, play fetch and more! Puppies are lots of fun to train!

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New Puppy? These Tips Should Help!

10 thoughts on “New Puppy? These Tips Should Help!

  1. My puppy is 11 weeks old and we go outside to play fetch but then he drops the toy and goes straight for my legs to bite and if i were not wearing jeans, my legs would probably be shredded. It is a little worrying as he is going to be a big dog. We need to get him into obedience training but he has not had all his vaccines yet. We do good with sit using smacko treats which he loves, come is non existent, Only word that kind of works atm is a big NO! for when he gets hyped up and bites, but then he barks at who gives him the obedience. So lost as to what to do.

  2. You make leash train so easy, I’m actually struggling to get my puppy to walk out of the gate, I have his kibble in my pocket, as he’s only 9 weeks old at the moment, but I have a border collie pup so he has tons of energy, have you got any advice on how to get him to walk with me in his lead.

  3. It's kinda the fifth video I'm watching and I'm already a fan of yours man! Great job

  4. Hey what's the name of that orange tug toy that looks like a snake? I wanna get something like that

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