New Puppy Tips: 7 Lessons in 7 Days

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Are you about to get a new puppy? In hope for helping you enjoy the experience even more, here I share 7 things learned in my first 7 days with Ellie.

1. Bring tissue paper on the ride
2. Let puppy’s stress fade
3. Dog proof surroundings
4. No rush in the training
5. Start from a small area
6. Have a fixed schedule
7. Teach puppy to love the crate

New Puppy Tips: 7 Lessons in 7 Days

10 thoughts on “New Puppy Tips: 7 Lessons in 7 Days

  1. Hahhah, us being 200 metre giants to dogs made me laugh, because that would mean if you were 2 metres tall the dog would be 1 centimetre 😀 You got the proportions just a bit wrong, puppies aren't ants 😀 Thanks for brightening my morning.

  2. If you get a Border Collie be prepared to be walking or outside activity for a minimum of two hours a day. They can get bored quickly. A buddy is an excellent idea. They need balls, frisbees, challenges.

  3. When I just met my puppy, he jumped on my lap and loved to cuddle with me. He has no stress at all as long as there are people around him. I guess it depends on the dog's personalities.

  4. Car sickness is very true and not often mentioned, my parents got me and my sister two pups, one of them was fine however one did get car sick. Car sickness also doesn’t go away for a while – he had car sickness for a few months whenever he rode in our car

  5. I just got my puppy (aussiedoodle) she was really nervous and she mostly slept during the whole day. I think shes slowly coming around though

  6. I just got a 8 weeks old border collie and she absolutely does not like to be left alone in a crate or a playpen. She would start crying and hard to train her to do any tricks at the moment. Going to send her to a puppy school to learn all the basics first.

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