PetSmart Puppy Training: Feeding a Puppy

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There is so much excitement in bringing a new puppy pal home, but as pet parents, there are also a ton of questions! Some of the biggest questions we get are around puppy feeding. Energetic puppies require their own special diet to grow big and strong! Our wonderful PetSmart trainer, Shannon, along with Aaron and Guppy from Lazyron Studios will be your puppy training guides! In this video you’ll learn:

– How often you should be feeding your puppy
– The best type of food for your pup’s growth
– How to make sure your puppy is comfortable eating from their bowl

Ready to learn more about puppy pet parenting? We’ve got you covered on all things puppy training:

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PetSmart Puppy Training: Feeding a Puppy

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  1. AAFCO has zero regulatory powers. Do not feed your dogs and cats pet food, it's the equivalent of a daily McDonald's diet. Feed them a raw diet.

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