Pick Your Cane Corso Puppy O & P litters 6 weeks old

Puppies Video Information:

Stick with us on this very long video of 15 Cane Corso puppies. We will show you the Cane Corso puppies as we evaluate them and do some explaining on what we look for. These Cane Corso puppies are from our O and P litters – they are 6 weeks old in the video and it is the first time the puppies have been stacked and the first time on the table. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do !

Cane Corso Breeder located 1 hour West of Nashville, TN
We are an AKC Breeder of Merit of Cane Corso puppies. Top Imported bloodlines. We have been breeding Cane Corso for over 13 years. We hope you enjoy watching our fun and informative videos and meeting our pack of Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff).

For more photos of our dogs and AVAILABLE Cane Corso PUPPIES Visit out Facebook page www.facebookcom/worldwidecanecorsos

If you would like to send products for us to review or merchandise to include in our videos the can be mailed to Worldwide Cane Corso P.O Box 493 McEwen, TN 37101
(note – if you send us a product, artwork, or any other type of gift – you are giving permission for us to include it in our videos)

We can be reached by phone at 810-459-9630 or 931-209-7822
email: info@wwcanecorsos.com
website: www.worldwidecanecorso,com (please forgive us as we update the site)

As always Thank You SO much for watching – feel free to submit video ideas

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Pick Your Cane Corso Puppy O & P litters 6 weeks old

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  1. Beautiful babies🐾 and as always great video!!! Worldwide Cane Corso is not only an excellent breeder, but they are also Outstanding and Very Knowledge Teachers too👊👏

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