Puppies 1st time out of their home

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DOF 12/05/22

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Puppies 1st time out of their home

9 thoughts on “Puppies 1st time out of their home

  1. I saw the potats in the container and clicked so fast like, “OMGosh where are they taking my babies?!” 😊

  2. Awww! Dey so Adawable in der lidl krayte! Many boops to les snoots! 🐶

    (Suki must have been going crazy when you took her bebes out for the first time.)😳

  3. I've decided – the lidl Pwince and Pwincess look KYUUT WHEREVER THEY ARE! Playing wif Aunty Raya, standing their ground while Daddo actibats his Diesel Emgine, nibbling at Momma for a milkshaek – doesn't matter. ALWAYS KYUUT! 🥰😍😘🤗

  4. Suki Where the kids at? Raya I am sure they ok wif Hoomans! Suki looks at Shiro Shiro Wot where would I have them in my neck folds quiet Raya! Raya giggles LOL

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