Puppies Crying Over Their Dead Mother and Brother

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It’s full of tears and heartbreaking and so much pain when the poor of three puppies won’t leave their dead mother and brother after being run over by car since the night until morning.

The puppies were crying and suckling their dead mother’s body that they were so hungry scared but nobody found and helped them until animal lovers came.

The puppies have been saved and they were sent to the shelter by animal lovers to find the warmest love and food to make them recover.

Finally, three of them were completely survived and being lived with good life in sweet forever home never back to suffer again.

We thankful to these generous person who done a great job of making new life and hope for the poor puppies and restore our faith in humanity.

Courtesy: KAe Phagamas

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Puppies Crying Over Their Dead Mother and Brother

10 thoughts on “Puppies Crying Over Their Dead Mother and Brother

  1. I shall find that driver and I shall kill him for his dastardly deeds 😈…but sad story and and cute puppies tho😢

  2. Sad to watch this beautiful puppies lost their mommy and brothers on the road thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video thanks Bless you all have a good day

  3. Meu Deus sera que as pessoas não tem amor pelos animais oq esta acontecendo com as pessoas senhor so vc pode mudar isso

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