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Love truly knows no bounds as this abandoned puppy is taken in by a mother cat.
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Pets: Wild At Heart
We may think of our pets like another member of the family – but they exist in a secret world that we would hardly recognise. In this series new filming techniques reveal our pets’ wild behaviour and natural abilities. Using the latest filming techniques, from spycams to thermal imaging and moving x-rays, this series reveals why just a small select group of animals have the perfect characteristics to become human companions. The first episode shows how our pets use play to get in touch with their wild side, while the second episode shows how our pets maintain links with their wild nature.

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Puppy Adopted By Cat Mother | Pets Wild At Heart | BBC Earth

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  1. 1500 years ago the prophet washed for prayer after a cat drank from the same water… Cats are clean in Islam and dogs are not. This video proves Islam was ahead of time.

  2. silly bs. has anyone ever actually seen kittens "name tag" teats? I've fostered at least 10 mama cats with nursing kittens, and never once observed any teat etiquette of any kind

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