Puppy Crate Setup – Using A Puppy Playpen

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Puppy Crate Setup – Using a Puppy Playpen // You can connect your puppy crate to your puppy pen for better puppy training results. During your puppy’s first week home crate training is crucial. Set up your playpen the right way to keep your puppy safe and to work on successful potty training with your dog. Whether you brought a new puppy home from a breeder or your adopting a puppy from a rescue group, all puppies need to be trained using a crate and puppy pen setup.

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Puppy Crate Setup – Using A Puppy Playpen

10 thoughts on “Puppy Crate Setup – Using A Puppy Playpen

  1. Thanks for watching Puppy Crate Setup – Using A Puppy Playpen! Where do you set your playpen and crate up, in your home?

  2. I think using baby cages with a door makes for a nice big place for them to have in your home with a bed crate inside. I use a plastic tub with a hole cut in the side and a puppy paper inside. The paper can’t come out, but in three days my puppy was trained. I rather have a container that holds their puppy paper and doesn’t come out, and they just go in the hole and go potty. I don’t worry about cleaning up messes because there are none. I’m disabled and not able to take my puppy out all the time. This idea allowed me to have a pet. I give her. Large area to run Around in and my puppies bed is in there and she climbs in there and sleep a long long time everyday. She only get playful when we’re outside. She knows in doors in quiet calm time. It works perfectly for me. Everyone who has seen my videos of her love how I have her area set up and how easy she is to care for. I keep her area kind of dark and calm. She spends at least 10 plus hours a day in there with no crying

  3. This video is very helpful and wondering where to het the large plywood sheet that we need to place under the playpen ?

  4. im getting a golden retrever!! can you make a video about them please?? it would be an honor:) and i subscribed and hit the notifacasion bell.

  5. Hello great advice and videos – Michelle, My labrador puppy is 4 months old, I live in an apartment compound with lots of grass and a park near by. Her create is on the balcony which acts as her pen.She is quite happy to play and sleep there while I am at work. However, (there is always a but…) when she is in there while I am doing choirs or watching tv she continually barks. I have tried the praising and giving her treats when she is quiet and then releasing her only when she is quiet. She does not seem anxious just likes to bark and tell me she wants to be with me.

  6. My puppy is 10 weeks and won't stop peeing in his crate. He was peeing in his bed, then I took that out and he still pees on the crate floor. What else should I try doing??

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