Puppy Crate Training: Iams® Puppy Training

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Learn how to properly crate train your puppy with this Iams® puppy crate training video. This step by step video reviews the necessary materials needed, the crate training process, and any troubles you may encounter. Save some time and effort by following these steps! Learn more at Iams.com/puppy.

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Puppy Crate Training: Iams® Puppy Training

10 thoughts on “Puppy Crate Training: Iams® Puppy Training

  1. Why can't you just let the dog roam around while you're home? Let the dog get acclimated with the home, heck, let him rest on your bed sometimes, it doesn't hurt. Sometimes, you gotta have that soft side, right?

  2. If the puppy should start being crate trained a couple days after u get him, where should he sleep the first couple nights?

  3. nice video thank you. The best help that I have noticed was at Brainy paws (i did a google) Without a doubt the most helpful dog training tips that I have ever used.

  4. If you is interested fast potty training the best info that i've ever had was by using the Sues Trainer Tactics (i found it on google) without a doubt the most useful resource i've tried.

  5. I've been researching dog training and discovered an awesome resource at Bevs Booster Guide (look it up on google)

  6. I work from home. I am learning about #crating and #training my new pup, but still a little fuzzy on how often I should use it, since I'm around more than the average person who works outside their home.

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