Puppy Growing from 2 month to 8 month | Cavoodle

Puppies Video Information:

Sharing our journey with our new family member Cavoodle Olive from 2 month to 8 month

8 month young 🍰
Female F1 #Cavapoo 🧸
Eat Sleep Play Repeat 🎵
Interests: 🍎 I Mum’s socks I Stalking Daddy
Found my forever home on 6/3/20🏠

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🎵Music provided by BGM President
🎵Track : Playful Kitten – https://youtu.be/1GXe7LPxN_k
🎵Track : Totteringly – https://youtu.be/X_88SH4Z_CQ
🎵Track : Baby Swing – https://youtu.be/c6jIGVNOGs0
🎵Track : Puzzled – https://youtu.be/Q_F3O2h0xrg
🎵Track : A day of tomboy – https://youtu.be/_VicFEDQc0U
🎵Track : YumYum – https://youtu.be/cBNNVhW4bRM

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  2. Oh my goodness… How sweet! My shih tzu is 1, but she used to be itty bitty like your baby!

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