Puppy Love – Pug Puppies

Puppies Video Information:

As puppies, pugs are small little packages of noise, slobber, and love.
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These pups are only a few weeks old, but they have more than enough energy to have their fun. Watch these little guys be their cute selves and stay tuned to Puppy Love for more adorable puppy litters.

Segment Producer: Brian Scully
Editor: Jeremy Cohen

Top Five Pug Puppy Facts:

1) Everyone knows puppies love to play and romp around! Just be sure
to monitor your pug puppy’s activity level to be sure he/she isn’t
overexerting themselves to the point of having trouble breathing.
2) Pug puppies can be tough to house train because they are small dogs
and have a lesser capacity to “hold it” than bigger dogs. Be
consistent and kind with your pug puppy and soon they will be house
3) Treats are a must when training a puppy. Don’t reward your pug with
rawhide chews or pig ears because they have been known to cause
intestinal problems in smaller dogs, particularly pugs.
4) Be sure to check the folds in your pug puppy’s face for dirt and
clean it right away.
5) Brush your pug puppy once a week to reduce shedding, your furniture
will thank you!

Puppy Love – Pug Puppies

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  1. This made me smile nonstop through the whole video, thanks for sharing this adorable video! MOAR PUGS

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